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Now you can CV your SNR. DIYSNRCVA. Do It Yourself Simple N Radical Control Voltage Adapter. It's simple, two three-pin female headers (middle pin is cv in, outer pins are both ground - orientation insensitive) and two jacks. In this case mini jacks. Send it stuff at around 0-5 Volts. I didn't measure the voltages in this video, just sending 0-max voltages via my MOTU 828 II FW. Works fine.

You can buy the kit in my shop.

This is a very simple kit. You will need to:.
1. Cut the cable in two (half way).
2. Strip all the wires.
3. Tin the wires (it helps, don't cheat).
4. Bend the wires a bit and hook into the appropriate eyelets: red is tip (signal), white and black are both ground.
5. Solder.

The Radical Chip (PIC12F1840) has built in protection diodes. It wants 0-5V, sending a bit outside that won't kill it, but there is no point doing it on purpose.
This adapter is passive, e.g. the output impedance of whatever you send is mixed with the wipers of the pots (uness you add a resistor in series - hack away). It works fine with CV from an audio interface - the pots affect the result. Turning the pot to the extremes will probably clip or just delete the CV/audio you are sending.
Have fun. Noise is not about control. is the work of Max Wainwright.
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