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57mm synt sold out!

This text is here only for reference. The 57mm synth is sold out everywhere.

This is a limited edition of the last few 57mm synthesizers, a collaboration between me and John Richards (Dirty Electronics). Available hand made from me, or from John (recommended for UK buyers).

When you order, send an email containing a 1024 character political protest text / manifesto, collection of quotes, list of people/things you dislike, etc. This text determines which programs are available, how and when they are accessed. All ASCII characters (incl. extended ASCII) are allowed.
Or, I or John Richards can make you a text. The text is stored in EEPROM, can be overwritten, but requires swapping the code on the microcontroller, using serial communication etc. Arduino programs and Max patch are available for this with the source code in the documentation.

Wavetable synthesis
Open source code
100+ programs accessed by text
Artwork printed circuit board
Touch controls
Microphone control/input
Generative sounds
Analog feedback
Battery powered
Line/headphone output (mini-jack) mono sum or mono

Order here, paypal account not needed. Swedish buyers can contact me to pay by Swish, pickup in Malmö, etc. Item sent with Swedish post, REK (with tracking).
Select shipping destination and buy. Here is a disclaimer you can read.

57mm synth

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