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The do it yourself printed circuit board simple and radical kit (DIYPCBSNR for short) is a fairly simple build, and suitable for beginners or anyone who wants to make digital noise! All components are included, and instructions, of course. The PCBs are made locally in Malmö and are really nice.

You can buy the kit at Thonk or in my shop.

1. The image of the PCB with component values included in the first 40 kits incorrectly shows a 1K LED resistor. The included resistors are all 10K (as per the list), so use those. A 1K will work, but I prefer a darker LED (visible in daylight, not too bright in a dark live situation). The LED is super efficent, a normal LED will probably not be bright enough with a 10K

This is the correct image:
DIYPCBSNR components and placement

2. This isn't really an error, but the 3.5mm jack included lacks one pin, so there's a hole in the footprint for it that isn't used. It works the same as the 5-pin one (which has an extra switching function on the ring, not used here), but they (the 5-pin ones) were sold out when I ordered components. So one pin less to solder, and the same function. It's probably an improvement really?

Online instructions are available here in colour (for screen) and black and white (for printing)

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