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The minipic is a handheld digital noise generator, based on the Radical Chip (a collaboration between John Richards/Dirty Electronics and Max Wainwright, and is a spin-off from the the Mute Synth 4.0 by John Richards.

This is a limited edition of the last minipics. Available here, at (Prague) or Homcore (Athens).

NOTE: Due to personal reasons and the fact that the minipic is a pain in the ass to assemble, I've stopped taking orders for it for now. I may finish the stock I have, but until then I won't take peoples' money until I know I have working devices. If you really want one now, maybe we can arrange some DIY solution - contact me and we'll figure something out.
Ignore this message if you've already ordered - I have or will get in touch!

The price is 75 euros inlcuding tracked worldwide shipping.
Please note that these are made when ordered, so the delivery time is not super fast. I have a job, etc. I'll keep buyers posted. has finished devices and will deliver promply.

Wavetable synthesizer
Seven forty-five programs
Touch controls
Microphone control/input
Pot control/input
Generative sounds
Battery powered
Line/headphone output (mini-jack) mono sum or mono
Patchable (a bit)
Jumper select options for signal routing
Compatible with the Radical Chip comes with a Radical Chip installed*


* (the old minipic program is older than the Radical Chip and has fewer programs, in a non-random order. It is optional, let me know if you prefer it. I prefer the Radical Chip, but if you already have one (or want to buy one) you might want the minipic chip. is the work of Max Wainwright.
Contact me by sending an email to info @ thisdomain, i.e.
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